Identification Survey for the Rolling Hills of Killarney

SMK Land Surveyors headed to Killarney, Queensland to conduct an Identification Survey. The rolling hills of the countryside proved to be a little challenging, but the team was prepared and eagerly enjoyed the process in this amazing countryside property. 

Initial consultation and background:

Our client’s property encompasses multiple titles with no fences erected to demarcate the titles.

The client wanted to define the boundaries as per the titles so he could accurately define the property boundaries in preparation to sell one of the titles and associated land.

SMK Land Surveyors Process:

Plan Search:

Conducted through the Department of Natural Resources to find out what previous surveys have been performed.  It turns out that the surveys were rather old and the issue is that the landmarks as described on the previous surveys may not be present any more.  As time progresses the likelihood of survey marks remaining diminishes.  This may be due to removal, erosion or other natural weather events (ie flood and fire).

Upload Data:

Upload electronic survey data from the available plans to the controller (survey equipment).  We used a combination of the S6 total robotic station and RTK (GPS) equipment to gather the data.

Conduct Survey:

Conduct the field survey, define the boundaries and demarcate the boundary line with pegs.

The Survey Plan:

On return to office the data is download and from this a survey plan is drafted.  The survey plan is audited (checked) by another person and then deposited to the Department of Natural Resources for record keeping and future reference.  It is a legislative requirement that plans are lodged with this department.

Challenges with the Surveying Process:

The available survey plans are very old.

The dense, undulating terrain meant most of the work conducted is on foot carrying the survey gear.  

The Final Identification Survey Feature Outcome:

Our client has achieved his land and title development goal with accurately demarcated boundaries and documentation in the way of a survey plan.

This was a most rewarding project with the entire team involved.  Dan on the initial consultation and process the data, Daniel and Kiri in the field, Ralph on plan audit and Kristine dealing with the backend bookwork.

survey equipment on land for identification surveying

This testimonial verifies that we delivered a personalised, comprehensive and client focussed service to our client.

I thought when I first saw your website you would be a good company to do business with, (it’s got a very nice personal tone) and I will be very pleased to recommend you to anyone else I hear is looking for a surveyor.
Thank you Dan for your prompt attention to my request, as the excavator has already cleared the fence line and the fencing contractor is ready to start as soon as the wet weather is over.
Thanks again Dan


At SMK Land Surveyors we are all about the perks of the job in the appreciation of our surroundings and the amazing scenery we encounter.  This job did not disappoint.  Here are some amazing photos compliments of Daniel.