Cadastral Surveying


Cadastral surveys refer those surveys where property boundaries are concerned.  This can be existing property boundaries were the location is uncertain, requires confirmation or creating new boundaries as in a subdivision.

SMK Land Surveyors holds a current Certificate of Registration issued by the Surveyors Board of Queensland in order to legally perform these surveys.

These types of survey will accurately define property boundaries and take into account the legalities of land ownership.  The team at SMK Land Surveyors are committed to providing the highest service that comes with this survey to ensure your investment or your client’s investment is accurately documented thus providing security and peace of mind.  

Types of Cadastral Surveys

Subdivision Surveys

This involves splitting a parcel of land into smaller lots.  Under this banner is lot reconfiguration whereby the size and shape of the parcel of land is altered within the external boundaries of two or more lots.

SMK Land Surveyors offers a comprehensive service in this process from the initial concept to the final plan.

Subdivision surveys can be a complex process for which a number of considerations need to be addressed and complied with.  These range from natural feature consideration to local government legislation and the overall feasibility of the project.

Our team is experienced with this process and our knowledge of local government planning schemes, alliance with other professionals such as Town Planners, engineers and other development related personel is a significant bonus to our clients.

Identification Surveys

This type of survey identifies the existing property boundaries.

Whilst this type of survey does not define the buildings within the land, any structure which lies close to, on the boundary or over the boundary will be noted on the plan.  This structure may belong to you or your neighbour, hence structures which are overlying your boundary, regardless of the origin are discovered.  This is termed an encroachment and may spark a process which involves notifying your neighbour or adjacent land holder of the structure.  This is a legal process we are obliged to comply with.

Remember your fence, garden bed or retainer wall are all structures and features which may be considered to define the physical boundary, however this is not necessarily be true according to your Title.  The boundary as per your Title is defined on the survey plan of your property.

When might you need an Identification Survey?

The answer is whenever you need to know exactly where your boundaries are.

  • Purchasing a block of land in a new or established area
  • Erecting a shed, patio, fence or other structure
  • Building a house extension

It’s not just new structures it is also maintaining existing structures as above.

Neighbourhood disputes are a common reason for requiring a boundary survey.  It is important that you disclose this at the time of your enquiry such that we can be prepared for any conflict which may arise whilst we are performing your survey.

An Identification Survey will accurately define your property boundary and clear up any confusion with third parties as the data and plan produced are legal documents.

Other types of surveys include:


Easement Surveys
Lease Plans (Land & Building)

Road Closures and Openings

Amalgamation/Compiled Plans
Location Certificate (Form 16)
Disclosure Plans
License Plans
Concept Plans

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